Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Well, it's time.

November 14, 2008 at 7:15am I'm scheduled to have a baby. I'll be at Brookwood Hospital.

Words can't express how excited I am about this little one. I've been thinking about posting my thoughts about it all, but I get a bit emotional when I think about it. So, I've decided to be a bit private about it. Maybe after she's here I'll have the correct words.

Please keep us in your prayers.

Monday, November 10, 2008

wow. Could my week can any more sunshiney? I'm about to have a baby, and Jeremy Conner is blogging again!

Woo Hoo!

Check it out...

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Legend of Opalee Shirley part III

I'm not inventive. I don't have a good eye for building or constructing. Honestly, not only am I not good at such things, but also projects like that intimidate the mess outta me. I'm awkward with all tools, and I get splinters just looking at wood. Please don't think that I'm hatin' on myself. I mean, I know I've got some grand qualities, but creating stuff outta lumber? Umm. No.

Give me a broken heart to love on any day, but pass the hammer and nails to someone else.

You would've gladly handed them to Pa Shirley.

I'm not sure what's normal for farmin' folks. I don't know if what Pa did was common to survive. I'm not certain of much, but I choose to believe that he was extraordinary in his skills. Maybe it's just the way my best friend tells me about his daddy's life that I have decided to think he was brilliant.

He had no formal education on architecture. He watched his daddy, and learned from the community. That fascinates me more than I can explain.

Pa Doodle designed and built hog pens, bee hives, sheds, animal traps and smoke houses. I just reread my sentence. He was a bee keeper, folks. Is it me or is that the coolest thing ever? I love telling folks that he did that. Yes, my father-in-law made his own honey.

He was a survivor with these skills, but also he used his imagination to enjoy nature. Opalee Shirley built 4 story bird houses with balconies. Deano calls them bird condos. His favorite type bird was the Purple Martin. He learned what attracted them, and enjoyed watching them nesting. He also enjoyed building simple squirrel homes.

I'm pretty sure I could go on and on about how amazing I think he is. I love his love for creation, and his survivor skills. Again, these are talents that my simple mind can't comprehend.

I'm thinking that you, dear reader, probably have relatives that have similar brilliant minds. I hope you do, and I hope you know and appreciate the mind that comes with such a person.

But, here comes the doozy part of Opalee. You know I gotta give you a bit of dooziness, right?

For years the man that I love shared a pallet on the floor with his older sister in a room with his Granny, Emmer Irene. No lie, all I know about her is that she was married to a kind a gentle man, and that she was rough as a corn cob. I'd love to throw some quotes that I'm told she'd say, but I'm afraid it'd make you blush.

Deano says that Emmer was "old school." One example is that she'd wake up at chicken-thirty to start her day. She'd drink her coffee, and wake up the rest of the household to make sure their day had started as well.

I think Pa doodle loved Ma doodle a tremendous amount. Again, the man was creative in his way to survive. Even in how to survive living with his beautiful wife and tough as nails momma.

So, Opalee looks at his favorite hickory tree, and develops a plan. He puts 4 telephone poles in the ground, and built flooring for a tree house on these poles. This tree house was about 25' in the air. The home was screened in with a tin roof. Dean was sitting with me as I started typing these thoughts. He mentioned that you could hear the coyotes and crickets at night. The slight breeze blowing through trees that you loved to hear and feel on those hot Louisiana nights. They let their Doberman Pincher sleep up there with them. Pa also had a Coleman's stove up there to make strong coffee in the morning. Catty corner to this sweet house he put 4 more poles and built them a porch. Sounds sweet, eh? Can I just tell you about the bed? I like to save the best for last, ya know? He got the queen size bed and decided it'd be sweet to hang it from chains. So, it was a swinging bed in a tree house. No lie. Amazing and beautiful.

Back to surviving with a dear old momma,, a sweet wife and 4 wild kids.

Penny and Bobie loved to mess with their roommate, Granny Shirley. One morning Penny and Bobie were wide awake at 2am. They must've been 10 and 5 years old, and naughty little stinkers wired on strong LA coffee. "Oh, how fun it would be to set Granny's watch fast," the stinkpots said aloud. The boogers set that watch for 4:30am. So, they mad coffee at 2:15am, and woke up that poor old Granny at 2:20am tellin' her she over slept! She rubs those eyes with embarrassment, and sips on her coffee. She stands up, and asks why in the world Opalee and Ellen were still sleeping. She stomps outside, and unfortunately can't climb those stairs to the tree house. So, she just hollers and cusses at 'em to get outta bed at 3am! Dean says he remembers the words his daddy said back to her. You'd think there'd be some regret with my sweet husband for messin' with his granny like that. Nope. He laughed and giggled when he told me about it.

Poor Emmer Irene.

What would a good legend about a man be if there wasn't a good background with his momma?

It's late and I should edit it, eh? Maybe later. This is the my story, and I might polish it later, alligator.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Legend of Opalee Shirley - Part II

Pa Shirley was known for giving nicknames. I'm "little bit" (which is a fabulous nickname - if you've felt like a fatty patty your entire life!) Deano is "Bobie" (not bobby...say it like BoBee). His daughter, Thelma Irene, is "Penny." The eldest daughter, Dee, was nicknamed "Deedler." Oh, and the oldest son, Lee, was nicknamed "Bugs."

Bugs has gotta be one of my favorite nicknames that's been given. Deaner was tellin' the kids about Uncle Bugs a few months ago. He loved to hunt, and he stayed outside. Oh, and he made a wormery (I think that's what it's called!). So, the next time my cutie patootie son asks his daddy about his uncle that's with Jesus - he asks about Uncle Worm. I dunno. It just makes me smile.


Anyway(s), this post is about Pa.

Not only was he known for giving quirky nicknames, but he was also given a few nicknames too.

One of my faves is Papa Noah. He was known for being great with animals. He wasn't afraid at all of them, and was patient (err - stubborn) enough to train any of 'em.

I am pretty sure that one of his favorite animals that he trained was Rojo. Rojo was a red rooster. I never met that bird, but I wish I could've seen Pa with that foul creature.

With much time, perseverance and scraps of bread he taught that rooster (from the time it was hatched) to fly up on his shoulder. Pa would walk outside, pat his shoulder and Rojo would zoom to his spot on his shoulders. I love it!

Another fine critter he enjoyed was a goat named Midget. Of course, I never met this animal, but I'm gonna say he was a brown dwarf goat. Now, I'm not sure how to tell you sophisticated readers the following information. I really am scratching my head on this one. So, I'm just gonna type it, and put it out there in cyberville for you to imagine. Pa would allow certain animals to roam in and out of the home and certain times of the day. Ma doodle didn't like this at all, but they didn't have doors that shut or locked. So, it was a no win battle for her.

Pa had a neighbor that was a redbone named Clyde. Some of you city folks might not know what a redbone is. Phooey, I don't even know what one is. Dean's family says redbones are Spanish Indians. Please, dear reader, don't laugh or roll your eyes at the good ol' redbones. Don't say that they don't exist. Oh, and don't think his family are racist. They really aren't! If they were, then they wouldn't allow Clyde to come eat biscuits and coffee with them every early morning!

Well, Pa loved Midget because EVERY time Clyde came over this goat would get scared and hide under the table. Then, he'd snort at Clyde.

Bobie says that Pa didn't train the wee little goat to snort at Clyde. BUT, I do know and can imagine Pa saying to the goat, "uh oh, Midget! Here comes Clyde! You better hide, little one! You better hide!" And, I think we all could agree that he had some teachable moments with that little kid goat.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Legend of Opalee Shirley

I'm not that savvy on folk tales. I know the ones about Johnny Appleseed and John Henry. I love the idea of exaggerated stories about people. Especially the folks that are worthy to be remembered.

I ache to remember all the unique individuals that have come in and out of my life. I'm thankful for the ones that are in my life today, the ones that are now with our Creator, and the ones I hope to bump into at Wal-mart soon. I've been blessed to know many great people (and, I'm sure you are one of them!).

I've written about my dad, the coal miner, who aches to be a hero. He's gentle and gives the most genuine compliments to all he meets. He rarely meets a stranger, and loves to make those around him feel comfortable. Also, growing up mom always made me try on new outfits when we got home from an exhausting day of shopping. I hated to go back there and try the ichy outfit on, but I did it anyway. And, I was always glad that I did. My dad would smile and laugh. He'd say "woo! Makes your daddy wanna cry how pretty you are!" Oh, and my favorite line, "Allison, you'd look pretty in a tater sack." I don't know what a tater sack is. I mean, a tater sack today is plastic with holes in it. BUT, I knew what the man meant, and even though I'm awkward and feel ugly as sin - I believe my daddy thinks I'm pretty.


Anyways, my dad could be and should be remembered by all, and should be a legend for being the most amazing dad ever. Now, if I could get the man to retire from the mines, then my day would be happier.


Anyways, I'm about to listen to a bluegrass station, and blog about Dean's daddy. I didn't know him very long. I met him in 1998 in rural Louisianna, and he went to be with our soveriegn Maker Febuary 2001. In those years I really didn't know much about him. He was tall, strong and a bit lanky. He had kind eyes, and he called me "little bit."

I need to find some blue grass music, or maybe some crazy cajun music.

Alrighty folks. Here begins the beginning of the muchly needed to be remembered Legend of Opalee Shirley.

First of all, what a name, eh? What in the world? Well, my dearest hubby doesn't remember the details at all of how he was named that. I vaguely recall the story myself. So! Isn't this how a legend begins?

This is how I imagine it.

Emmer Irene was heading out to the field in a wagon with her soon to be 3 year old son, Richard. I think that she had her arm around him, and he sat near her with his toddler hand on her knee. She, of course, didn't know if the love in her womb was a boy or girl. She asked Richard what the new baby should be named. The boy sat and looked around the field, and remembered a delightful little girl. I don't know if she was a cousin, or if she was someone he met in the community. But, I do believe she had curly hair, and her name was Opal. That was the name he decided that would be the name of little one. Emmer smiled and shook her head.

Richard died at the age of 3, and I'm not sure if he ever met his brother. For some reason, that always makes me want to cry.

Emmer Irene held her newborn son in an old blanket and remembered the conversation she had with her son. What I know of Emmer as a granny was that she was a tough and scarey old woman. I reckon she was quite stubborn and didn't give a rat's hiney what other's thought of her decisions. She named that beautiful newborn baby, Opalee. No middle name, and no regrets.

Opalee grew up stronger and taller than any other in his family.

He was 6'7" when I met him. He'd wrap those long arms around me with a tight hug when he'd see me, and the smile he gave Deano when we pulled up the dirt driveway still makes me chuckle. Oh, and the hug he gave his son was just loving and strong. He loved my husband so much. What a delight to see how much my father-in-law loved my best friend!

So, just because Pa Shirley was named after a little girl that his brother thought was sweet. Please, dear reader, don't think he was feminine at all. No, like I said, he was 6'7" and strong as an ox.

Dean says he'd grab snakes by the tail and whip 'em like...uhh..a whip and snap their heads against the ground with a death blow. Then, he'd cook 'em in a sauce for dinner.

No lie.

This is the beginning of my legend.

If you like it, then I'll give you more. Again, only if you like it, and ache to hear more.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Monday, August 25, 2008

Spunky's 4 Today...

Yes, my little loverly girl is 4 years old today. She is full of life and her imagination keeps her in a different world. She loves the tickles that a roly poly provides. She love strawberries more than popsicles. She has a beautiful voice, and enjoys singing. I love her wild and messy curly hair. She's a fighter and a snuggler. It makes me shake my head that she loves being in the dirt, but must take a bath if she has ketchup on her tiny fingers. She still enjoys sitting on shoulders when I read a book. Her new favorite thing is to make up definitions for silly words.

I love my little Gracie girl.

I could go on and on, but she's wanting to make some cupcakes.

Chocolate cupcakes with pink icing.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Blog Candy?

I've been thinking about this for a while, but I'm just not great at the blog candy thing. I'm scared that I'll forget to send it, or that the receiver won't like what I give. I just get nervous about that kindof stuff. I stink at mailing stuff. My dear friend, Emily, is fabulous at sending stuff. Not me. But, I'm gonna offer some candy. Because, well, I just don't think any of you will meet the requirements to receive it.

Eek. It sounds like I'm dissin' y'all, doesn't it? I'm really not, but the questions I got are doozies, and I'm not even sure if I know all the answers myself.

So, I've been thinking about Ma Shirley lately. That's Deaner's momma. She lived with us for a few months after Katrina before she went to be with her Creator. She was feisty and at times drove me bonkers. I miss her a great deal, and we still laugh about her ways quite often. Anytime Dean starts acting up - all I gotta do is say, "Now, what would Ma be sayin' right now?" And, the answer is always that she'd be agreein' with me.

Anyhow, she had the craziest quotes. And, she said them just to shock me. Which, really isn't that difficult to do. She loved to see my reaction, and it made her cackle when I'd try to quote her.

Like, she'd say "crazier than a poophouse rat." Ummm...but she wouldn't say poop or dookie or shoo shoo. She'd say the *ahem* other word.

Please know that she was from rural Louisiana. She was a hard worker. She made homemade biscuits and yeast rolls every day. Her coffee was as thick as syrup, and she survived many difficult seasons in her life.

So, I'm gonna give you a few quotes. I want you to tell me what they mean If you get them ALL correct, then I'll send you some candy. Deano will be the judge to determine if your answer is correct.

The following are the quotes you must define and explain origin:

1. "Drillin' fer the holler horn"
2. "I've just got the dropsies

Ack! I just forgot the other ones!

Okay, those will hafta do for now.

I've got more, but I need Dean here to help me remember how to phrase them correctly.

Emily - you aren't allowed to answer! You're on my list!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Knock Knock!
Who's there?
Norma Lee.
Norma Lee who?
Normalee I don't go around knocking on doors, but do you want to buy a set of encyclopedias?



I woke up.

Played checkers with my kiddos. I thought the game would never end. I noticed that I'm not the best at being patient in this game. I wanna yell, "Wait! Don't put move there! It'll be an easy jump for me!!" Or, "Why are you moving there! You can jump me right now!!!" I mean, it's only his 2nd time playing.

Side note on my son. Last night at church the big kids were playing "keep the ball from the little kids." Yeah, sounds like an easy and fun game, right? So, after a few minutes Andrew says, "hey, I'm gonna take a rest, I'm tired of playing." When my friend told me this - I don't know, I was feeling a bit sorry for my kiddo. I was like, "awww, don't give up, buddy!" Well, then she tells me that he waits for the right moment, and fakes the big kids and grabs the ball when no one is looking!!!!!!!! Wha...? Where'd he learn that strategy? Then, they all continue to laugh and play. The big kids act all tough and big again (well, I wasn't there, but that's just what I imagine). My boy "falls down" and the big kids check on him. Then, he steals the ball again with a big grin on his face!!

Okay, please know that I did tell my son the importance of playing fair and being honest. I really did.

But, what am I suppose to do with this? Dean was proud of his strategic ways, but he still had my back with the being honest talk. Any other ideas or thoughts on what I can do to make this a "teachable moment" for my boy?

Okay, back to today. We did some school that wasn't too painful.

Soon for snack time we're gonna dip some gummy bears in melted chocolate. They're gonna love it!

Currently they are watching mindless television. Big bad momma jomma is about to stop that! No more of that Between the Lions for you, kiddos!

We're having breakfast for dinner tonight. I need milk and bread.

I need, errr want, some chocolate milk.

The end.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Knock. Knock.

Who's there?


Uganda who?

Uganda open the door?


We had grilled chicken salad tonight for dinner. It was yummy bummy in my tummy. I love a good salad. No lie. Oh, and I made homemade ranch dressing. Now, listen here - you can tell me that you don't like caramel because it's sticky, and I'm okay with that. Hey, you can even tell me you don't like boiled cabbage or strawberry milk. But, don't be a goof and try to tell me that you don't like homemade ranch dressing. Seriously. How can someone not like it? Yeah, just call me Hurley.

Anyhow, I love salad, but now I'm sittin' here hankerin' some carbs. I need a big bowl of mashed potatoes or something. Poor Deano is sitting over there eating a bowl of yogurt and scooters. I'm glad I'm not the only one needing some more food.

I think I'm gonna eat a bowl of cereal.

Maybe I'll have more bloggy energy after I eat some scooters or fruity dynobites.

I've got a great deal to blog about today. I do. I just am being distracted by my whimpering pooch and my crave for macaroni and cheese. Or potatoes. Or yeast rolls.

mmmm...yeast rolls.

Friday, August 1, 2008

I am gross.

So, I made some surprisingly yummy soup this week. Actually, it was Monday night. It was a complete accident. I boiled some potatoes. Then, I added chicken broth and heavy cream. It looked like bleah. I mean, it looked like potatoes in milk. So, I added a few slices of american cheese. Still looked like bleah. I chopped up some celery, and threw it in the pot. Double bleah. I added 1/3 bag of broccoli. Why does this still look gross? Ugh. Ah ha! I had some cream of something soups!! I put a can of cream of celery and a can of chicken (i took the gross chicken pieces out...buh-leah!). Meh, looking okay, but still not there. What else is in my kitchen that I could throw in? Hrmmm....tater tots? Why not?! I threw 1/2 bag of tater tots in there. I let it cook for a while (mushed up the tots as they got soft), and left for a girls night out. I got back and my lover had put it in the fridge. Ya know what that means? It means he liked it enough to have it for left overs. Okay, this was definitely not a soup that'll make your thighs thinner. In fact, I'm pretty sure my behind is jigglin' a little more than usual because of it. But, hey! I was resourceful and my babies daddy liked it!

So, here is where I get gross.

We had it for left overs Tuesday. It was delicious.

Ummm....we forgot to put it up that night. It stayed on the counter over night.

I'm gross, and I need to confess right now. I eat food that's been left out all night and the next day. Like, not all food. Just safe food. Like, I dunno. Spaghetti and roast are a definite. I mean, I know that I can be foolish and forget to put it up, but that stuff costs money! So, I take a nibble or two just for pleasure....secretly...the next day.

Oh. my. goodness.


Seriously, I took a BIG spoonful of that soup. Knowing that it'd be magnificent.

What a dumb bunny.

It tasted like old milk with a hint of celery flavoring.

Okay, my brain wasn't working. I know that wasn't the brightest thing I've done. I promise I usually only eat left out "safe" foods.

What was I thinking?

I wasn't.

I just wanted more potato soup.

My flesh was craving the yumminess.

It really was yummy.

Remember, kids, milk based products left out over night and possibly all morning and afternoon are a BIG no no.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Best Part of My Day

So, the reunion was, as I expected, a huge success. I have so many stories to tell, and every time I think about the day I smile. The day was beautiful, the food was scrumptious, and my relatives are super cool. Indeed it was a sweet day.

Oh, and there are a gazillion pictures that I want to share, and hopefully soon I will have the energy to tell stories about all my kinfolk.

But, I don't know. Right now I just wanna talk about my daddy. I know I've told you this before, but gah! My dad is wonderful.

The picture I posted is of my daddy rinsing off my daughters muddy feet. And, I guess it's no big deal that he washed my Gracie girl's feet. Anyone would gladly do it. She is delightful. She giggled and he let her drink from the water hose. I've got some pics of the moment. He just did it with a smile.

No big deal, right? I mean, we all can imagine a good granddad doing that. It's what they do, and what they think is precious.

Here's the kicker.

Mommy's feet were nastier than little girl's feet. Mud was caked all over my preggo feet. Okay, and I have gross feet. I mean, when I was younger I had cute feet, but now - yikes! They are embarrassing. I didn't get to paint my toenails before we left. I keep my feet bare year long (well, almost all year). So, my heels are all cracked and my toes have a bit of hair on them. I mean, not much, but enough to make me self conscious.

Anyways, I ask my dad to keep the hose running so I could wash my dirty feet.

He washed my feet.

Okay, not just poured water on them, but he bent down and scrubbed the caked mud off of my heels and feet.

I continued to say, "no, really, Dad - my feet are gross! Stop! I'll do it!" He just kept on doing it as I stood there - apologizing for my filth.

He continued to say, "hush, Allison, it's just mud. Let me wash it off for you. It'll be easier if you let me do it for you."

I let him do it. My strong coal miner daddy washed my cracked and ugly feet.

I don't know what the point of this post is.

I'm just thankful, and I wanted someone to hear about my favorite part of the day.

Friday, July 18, 2008


I ate chinese two times today. I ate it for lunch and dinner. Ahhh, it was exactly what I needed. Egg Rolls. I love them. I dunno what it is about them. Maybe it's the crunch/chew thing they've got going on? Who knows? But, man! They are yummy!

It is 10:15pm right now. I'm about to start cooking. We are having a family reunion tomorrow. It's gonna be wonderfully fun. We haven't had a family gathering like this since, eh, 1994 or so.

However, I am a bit nervous. We are to bring an appetizer, side dish and dessert. Okay, I'm more than nervous. I'm about to ralph. These folks are known for their culinary abilities. I'm known for being silly and sweet.

I just decided 1 1/2 hours ago what I was going to make as my side dish. Well, really my darling hubby decided for me. I'm about to shuck some corn. I should wake up my yahoos and make them shuck the corn. I could put it in their homeschool folder. Learning about corn and silk and shucking. I think it's a jolly good idea.

Deano wants a motorcycle so bad. He's always wanted one. I've always said, "umm. no." Well, gas prices are killin' us. So, I finally said what I should've said years ago, "yes, dear." I mean, no lie, the guy would look hawt on a motorcycle all leathered up and stuff. I'm just saying. They just intimidate the whatever outta me.

I really want my toenails painted by tomorrow too. I need to shuck 16 ears of corn, and I'm sitting here telling all 4 of you that read my blog about my toes.

What else?

I scared my buddy boy when he was taking a bath tonight. He screamed and said "mom, you startled me!" I'm not sure why I think that's so cute, but I do.

I really don't wanna cook.

Really. I don't.

I wish I had someone to come and cook with me right now.

Maybe I can get my sweet lover to help me shuck this corn and chop this cilantro.

I've got you wondering what I'm cooking, eh?

Sounds like I've got some doozy recipes, don't I?

ya wanna know what I'm bringin'? I'll tell you, then I REALLY need to go.


Appetizer: homemade salsa (recipe from jeremy's wife, Regina)
Side dish: fresh corn casserole (recipe from the pioneer woman)
Dessert: homemade chocolate chip cookies (recipe from...I dunno)

It's gonna be a laaaaaaate night.


Did I tell you we finished Swiss Family Robinson?


okay. okay. I'm going.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


My kitchen stinks. again.
I forgot to put the bed sheets in the dryer from yesterday. I must rewash the sheets. again.
I sat in cranberry juice. I've had a sticky hiney most of the day. I just took a shower. again.
We played with the dawgs.

I've read 4 chapters of Swiss Family Robinson to my boy. He loves it. That makes me happy, but I'm tired of reading out loud. There was a part where they cut off the head of turtle, ate the meat for dinner and made the shell into a clothes washing tub. He almost cried. I smiled, and said, "Buddy, they're being practical and making use of what God has given them to use." He looked up and said, "but the poor tortoise!" Maybe this book is a bit too much for him. He sure does love it though.

My girl is finally into playing dolls. It is fun. I always end up being the stinky boy. It really is cute. We have a doll that is old and weird looking. Her name is Mrs. Linkey and she is Barbie's mom. She likes it when I make Mrs. Linkey shake her bottom and dance. She also likes it when I try to shake Ken's (ahem, who is naked - don't forget!) bottom. Because, well, it is impossible to shake a Ken doll's bottom.

I have no idea what to cook for dinner. No idea. Please, let my lover suggest that we get Chinese from that place right next to the BP station. Oh, to have some fried rice right now. Mmmm...fried rice....! MSG! Yum! Two cheers for MSG! Yeah, that's the good stuff.

What else?

I'm stoked about going to church. Seriously. We are studying Tozer's book. Ugh. Which book is it? I feel like a dork. What is it? The Pursuit of God. It's a smaller church, eh, about 100 or so, but on Wednesdays we have a smaller group than that. We pass out Hymnals, and sit around the tables in the fellowship room. I really don't know if that's what it is, but that's what I'm calling it for now. So, Nathan (el pastor) let's us requests songs, and....duh...we sing 'em. Now, it kindof sounds a bit awkward, doesn't it? But, we've got some folks in that group that sing lovely, and sing in parts! I absolutely love it! Now, don't get me wrong, I love our Sunday music too. I ache for us to at least get a conga drum. Is it a conga drum? You know the drum you hit with your hands? Anyways, I love our sweet music team and the song selections. But, this - Wednesdays - are just tender and encouraging.

Yeah, I look forward to tonight.

But, I need to reread the 1st chapter in that book.

My daughter is sitting on my shoulders as I type. again.

Now she's telling me she's hungry.

Andrew is telling me to read the chapter again.

Gracie just said "no, play dolls!"

I think I'm gonna crawl into my bed.

chinese, dean. think chinese. please read my blog and buy lots of MSG, I mean, egg rolls.

Sorry for any grammatical or spelling errors.

I'm not editing!!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

I have never cried so much during a pregnancy as I have this pregnancy. Seriously, some days I feel like I could cry anyone a river at any given moment. It just happens. Often it is over silly stuff. One day I was cooking dinner, and my kitchen sink looked so gross that I imagined all sorts of diseases that could be living in there. I found myself boo hoo-ing over it, and ran to my bedroom. Deaner came in and asked what was wrong. I went from crying about failing as a mom to imaging Dean remarrying someone after I died of this diseased sink, and the woman he remarried making fun of me for being a slob. Listen, if I die, and you marry my hottie hubby. PLEASE don't make fun of me. I mean, I'll be with Jesus. So, I really won't care, but just don't do it.

Sometimes it is over totally legit stuff. Like, that weepy feeling you get when you don't feel good. I think that is totally legit. I have wept over my sins and the sins of others that I love. I have felt the tears pour down my cheeks over fear and anger during this pregnancy. No lie, I'm not a big crier, but I have been a big ol' sad mess this pregnancy. In all seriousness, I even talked to my doctor about it.

But, alas - every once in while the Lord makes me cry my favorite kind of cry. The one when I realize He is in control. That, He loves me. He doesn't need me, but He loves me. And, even if my greatest nightmare happens, then He will give me the grace to deal with it.

A friend sent me this video, and woo! I've watched it a few times.

And, I boo hoo every time I watch it.

I figure if I'm gonna boo hoo, then my readers should too.

I'm just nice like that.

Here's the video!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

So, we had a much needed play date with Kristi Casey and the loverly Karen Cunningham. It was delightful, and I'm crazy about the Cunningham kiddos. They're sooo stinkin' cute and sweet!
I could go on and on about my love for the Cunninghams. No lie. I am pretty sure I wouldn't have married Deaner if our mighty God wouldn't have ordained them to be in our life during our engagement days. But, alas! That is another story for another day.
Hope you enjoy the pics!
i mean...ahem...if you have the time...of all.

Friday, June 27, 2008

We're having a GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And, we are sooo excited.

Okay, that's a lie. for the most part all of us are excited. Andrew is a wee bit distraught about not having a brother, but I think he'll be okay.


Praise the Lord! She is healthy and beautiful.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I've got pics that I need to post, but too lazy to do it.

Hey, guess what?

Tomorrow at 12:30pm I see an ultrasound of baby #3!!

woo hoo!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

we went to LA, and look who we found!

We just got back from Dean's stompin' ground in west Louisianna. This was the busiest trip we have ever had. It was great, and I met many of his peeps. But, dude, it was busy. No lie. I love me some people, and I especially love people who love my Deaner. But, even this little social butterfly is peopled out. Woo. I'm ready to enter hermitville. I dunno where that is, but I got a hankerin' to go there.

Anyway, we bumped into a gazillion people.

Deano's great Aunt Ethel was honored at Camp Pearl. She's worked there for 60 years, and I'm crazy about her. They gave her a great honor by naming the new chapel after her. So, we bumped into a few folks at that cool event.

So, the kids in the pics are Jude Bell, Maddie and Coleman LaStrapes and of course my quirky kiddos.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

my kids.


So, last night the 4 of us are having some good ol' snuggle time before we send the kiddos to bed. I get this silly idea to use my hand as a puppet. I mean, I didn't paste any googly eyes on my hand. Nah, didn't even put a sock on it or draw lips with a marker on my hand. It was just my hand. Well, I named the right hand "miss hand" and the left hand "frankie." It was good and fun. I was on a roll, and the kiddos were LOVING it. I love it when my kids love something I do.

Anyway, my daughter is CRAZY about my hands. She woke up this morning asking to talk to Miss Hand. And, just a few minutes ago my left hand put her hair behind her ear real sweetly. She smiled and said, "thanks, Frankie." When we cooked eggs together today - she continued to talk to Miss Hand about stirring and adding salt. My hands ain't get a break. Andrew loves 'em too.

It seems like there is a show on the preschool channel where there are just hands talking. Oobie or something?

Anyway, these Oobies need a break.

As I was typing paragraph 2 I my girl asked "silly miss hand, why are you playing on mommy's computer?" Yup, I'm a puppet. So, my hand raised in response to her.

What does this say about me and my kids?


don't answer that.

Hope y'all are having a sweet day.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Some of you folks may remember Ryan and Heather (Vernon) Jackson from SEBC. They are a delight and I love them both like crazy. Exciting and supernatural things have happened in their lives the last week.

I get a bit misty-eyed every time I think about what our amazing God is doing right now.

So, they have a blog. And, I'd love for you to check it out and keep them (and everyone involved) in your prayers.

They are in the process of adopting a little girl, and it's just unbelievable how it all happened.

One more's the linky....

Friday, April 11, 2008

right now.


this evening after we ate dinner. the 4 shirleys noticed how flooded the current doggie pen was after the big gully washer today.

so, deaner has been workin' on a bigger doggie pen.

tonight. we decided it was imperative to finish that pen.

all 4 of us worked together in the mud and sprinkling rain to get the pen finished.

it's a big pen.

we put the puppies and dawgs in the new pen.

dean got beeped at 1035pm. he's on call for work this week.

he opened the door to leave quickly.

the dawgs were at the door waggin their tales.

he hustled 'em back in the pen, and blocked where they got out.

then, he left.

Now, it's an hour later, and i'm scared they're gonna get out again.


dogs have excellent night vision.

I was really hoping my first official post back in bloggy world would be about baby #3. How excited and blessed we are, but nope. I'm sittin' here bloggin about dawgs.

I think I'm gonna bring 'em all in.

That's gonna be a pain in the......neck.

Maybe I should wake up the kids to help me.

What? They are great with these dawgs. Bettter than I am!! Tomorrow is Saturday. They can sleep in. It'll be an adventure!



I'm gonna go check on 'em again.

It's dark.

I don't want to go check on them.

Ya know what's funny? Sunday we give 2 away. Earlier this week Graced took the white one home. So, after this weekend we'll only have 3 dawgs. Well, 2 dawgs and a pup.

Anyone want a really really really cute puppy?


I'm going outside.

Well, pregnancy is dandy so far.

I'm excited. tired. emotional. oh, and I'm easily annoyed. it's great.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

It's -G's Birthday Week!!!!!!!!!

(-G teaching the kiddos how to play leap frog on Leap Day. She's so clevuh!)

(Freeze Tag...Gracie gotcha!)

(Red Rover, Red Rover, send 'kenzie right over! Umm...ya like that '80's side
pony tail she's got goin' on? We (-g and me) are 8 leap years old. Soooo, we
had an day celebrating what we did when we were....errr...8 years old.)


This is her birthday week. She is the one who introduced me to this fabulous concept. I'm thinking that we should have a week long birthday blog love for the girl. My thought is for us to post little memories, sweet verses, love you messages all over her bloggy blog.

I do know that she will LOVE all the attention we give her. Okay, not really. She might punch me in the face for even reminding folks of her day/week.

So, go to her blog and show the love.....all week long....

This sounds like I'm being bossy.

Oh, and for you folks who don't know her....i guess you're excused. i guess.

AND.....I posted 2.5 week old pics of the pups on this blog.

Monday, March 3, 2008

windy days

Today was gorgeous with a bit of fun wind. So, what do you do on windy days? Fly kites!

What? You don't have a kite? Huh? It's not really in your budget? Did I hear you say that you aren't crafty enough to make one? Welcome to my world.

Oh, but it can be a fun world, my sweet peeps. Just get out some yarn or string and grab a few Walmart bags. Whah Lah! you've got kites!!

Seriously, we did this last fall with the kiddos. I really thought they weren't impressed with it. Today, they asked for the stringy-walmart bag kites!

And, they played with these bags for well over an hour. It was tons o' fun.

woo hoo for plastic bags that are horrible for the planet!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Friday, February 15, 2008

I'm an aunt...or a grandmother....or a cousin...errr....something!


Daisy had her puppies.

All look normal.

I'm extremely happy and excited.

Yes, I'll take some pics tomorrow and post 'em.


I'm so happy.

This has put me in a jolly good mood.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hey. Dean's good buddy updated his blog! I'm hoping that if all you check out his blog, then he'll update with more funniness.

He's considering running for office, and I'm thinking that I'd be the perfect choice for a running mate.

check out his blog.

tell him to update more.

Oh, and my hubby posted a blog recently also. He just show's his cheesee daddy side in this blog.

I know you've got a hankering for an Alli update. A lot of good, bad and ugly has been going on, and I'm not sure where to start in updating you on it.

I will tell you this.

Sweetiepie is gone. I am not gonna lie. I almost shed a tear just typing that. Gosh, I loved that cat.

Anyway, we still have the 2 dawgs, and Daisy is definitely pregnant. She obviously got knocked up before we got her Christmas. So, we don't know who...ahem...the father/fathers are.

Please pray that spring comes soon. We have been keeping them inside at night. Lemme tell ya that having a big o' pregnant dog that has to tinkle every hour ain't cool at all.

I'm also scared of puppies. Does that surprise you? I'm just afraid I'm gonna step on 'em.

Friday, January 25, 2008

a blog for my daddy

Hello to blog world! My dad (the oh so cool coalminer) is checking out my blog right now. I just thought I'd give a big "hey, dad!" to make him smile as he reads this.

oh, and hey, mom. Just put the books and cds that you found in the closet in a big o' box. I'll go through them tomorrow. And, if you find my old E.T. stuffed animal bring it too. Oh, and if you find Shannon's old leg warmers in there...i'll take 'em too. just told me it's gonna be cooooold this weekend.

Gracie has blue lips from eating cotton candy from yesterday.

woo hoo! this is a blog entry.

my day has been blah, or i'd write something fun.

love you, dad and mom!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Two things.

1. I'm all about this.
2. Animals really aren't all that bad.