Sunday, December 30, 2007

dawg pics...

Buddy and Bo.....

Gracie and Daisy......

We just got back from a family work missions trip in Georgia. We left the day after Christmas and just got back. Whew! It was awesome, but I'm zonked.
I'm so thankful to read that many of you had lovely time celebrating Christmas. Ours was quite nice as well.
I love our new dawgs.
Did I tell you that Daisy and Bo are brother and sister?
Did I tell you that dawgs....ahem...errrrr.....ummmm....that a brother dawg do I say this?
I mean it.
Deaner told me that today, and he doesn't lie about this stuff.
Oh, we didn't name the dogs.
The previous owner named 'em after the Dukes of Hazard.
I really love our new pets.

Friday, December 21, 2007

can you keep a secret?

We're getting the kiddos these 2 dawgs for Christmas. They are a dachshund/jack terrier mix - 8 months old - brother and sister. Deano is so excited. He has been wanting a dog for years.

Just had to tell some one.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Happy Anniversary, Baby! I got you on my mi-ind!

Today is one of my favorite days. Yup, it's the day I celebrate the day I married my babies' daddy, Dean Dean the butterbean. Other than the One who saved me from sin and Hell - Dean is my best friend. He makes me feel pretty and smart. He laughs at my jokes. He trusts me with my kiddos. He loves me like no other. The only time I really gross him out is when I brush my teeth, and trust me....I really am grody to the max when I brush my teeth.

For him...I have learned to cook and clean. I have started wiping my feet before I get in bed. I have put his jeans on hangers. I keep the living room clean. I would do anything to make him smile and feel less stressed out.

He mops and sweeps for me, and when the dishes start to overwhelm me....he washes them for me.

He shaved my legs for me when I was hugely pregnant.

He held my mother when she was overwhelmed with grief as she watched her father die. He brought my grandmother food when PaPa was ill. He loves my family, and it makes me smile.

I love that he has an excellent work ethic. I love - absolutely love - to hear him laugh. I love the way he holds both the kiddos in his arms after work and watches tv with them.

He gives the kids baths every night. It started when Andrew was an infant. I was a nervous momma, and cried at the thought of hurting him. He has continued the evening ritual since that night. He also dries and brushes Gracie's hair every night. Hey! I lay out the PJ's and get 'em dressed....

He loves this blobbidy blobbish awkward and goofy girl, and I just don't get it.

Thank you, Lord, for giving me a hottie and not a dork!

The Lord is gracious and knows me so well.

I could go on and on and on.....

Monday, December 10, 2007

Prince Caspian Trailer

Told ya I was gonna make a big deal about it...

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Christmas 2005 was good and hard for me. Have you had a Christmas like that? I've had a few Christmas's like that. My family has experience a lot of death since my childhood, and sometimes the holidays for us we would secretly cry and worry how the other members of the family were doing more than just really enjoy the sweet meaning of Christmas.

Anyway, 2005 was the year of Katrina. I remember when it hit. I was on a Beth Moore retreat with some close friends. Her topic was love, and I remember during the sessions my otter side getting energized. I was ready to bump my love for others notch a level up a bit. You know, be a bit more thoughtful and considerate. Pursue people more. I dunno. Spread more of God's hope and love.

The second night of the retreat I got a call from Dean. He said that Katrina knocked out the power of his mom's trailer. Dean's mother (I'll refer to her as "Ma" the rest of the story) had COPD, and was on oxygen 24/7. She needed electricity to not just "survive" but to live. He told me he was going to pick her up and that she'd live with us for a while. This was all good to me. I felt like the Lord had prepared my heart to love Ma like I'd never loved before. I was determined to serve her and love her like Christ would love her. Dean left Friday on an 9 hour drive. Arrived in DeRidder (where his eldest sister lives) Saturday morning - in the wee hours - to drop off some emergency items to help his family survive. Picked up Ma and returned to Alabama Sunday. I returned Sunday as well.

She stayed with us from September to the end of November. During those short months my children were ill, and one time had to make a trip to the er with Andrew. I had unexpected (kinda serious) emergency surgery. My great-grandmother (who took care of me in my elementary years) died. My grandfather was in poor health. Ma was extremely ill as well. There were several trips to the er with her, many ambulance rides for her, and oh! The doctor and pharmacy trips. I was a wreck, and still feel like I failed loving her the way I should have. argh! And, here I go! I'm crying over it again. She was such a tough and wonderful woman.

It was such a hard season for me. Like I said, we took her to Louisiana. She didn't want to go back. But, we promised her that we would come back to get her in the spring. She needed to see her doctor in Louisiana. We were hoping to get more things in order here also for her to live with us. She really needed a hospital bed (she was sleeping in our living room recliner every night).

We found out that she'd taken herself off some of her medication when we arrived in Louisiana to drop her off with his sister. Her health declined rapidly that weekend. She needed care 24/7 after that. I cried over it, but we were forced to put her in a nursing home in LA.

So, a few weeks pass it was time for Christmas. I was so desperate for some hope, and a different way to view God. I know that it is so silly, but I read the Chronicles of Narnia books for some hope and encouragement. The movie Narnia came out that Christmas, and I remember praying in the car that it would be a great movie to bring me some sort of joy again. I needed to see Christ in a silly movie. I was so sad and needed to know he cared.

I loved th movie. I still do. Well, I haven't seen it since then. We thought the kiddos were maybe ready to watch it. So, we checked it out from the library. They weren't ready for it yet (the wolves made my boy jump out of his seat). So, we didn't see it all. We did show them the part where the children first meet Narnia. I cried.

He knows me so well.

Anyway, I needed y'all to know this because I just saw the Prince Caspian trailer yesterday. I'm probably gonna make a BIG deal about it. Prince Caspian definitely isn't my favorite book, but I'm still stoked about it.

We were not able to visit his mom again until Easter. Her health continued to decline. We made an emergency trip to Louisiana in May, and she went to be with our wonderful Maker while we were there. Her children surrounded her. Read her Scripture and prayed for her in her final moments. It was difficult and beautiful.

I miss her. She is so much fun to talk about, and we laugh about her lots. She was a hoot!

My PaPa (umm..pronounced paw paw), died this year. Christmas is going to be extremely difficult for my family. Please. Please pray for them this season.

I know many of us have loved ones that we miss so much that our heart aches for them. Isn't it wild that we miss them so much the day when we are celebrating the One that gives us life? I just thought of that.

Anyway, sorry for tone of this blog. Blame it on Yahoo for showing the Trailer this week.

I really love this blog world so much.

hmmm...This entry also makes me wanna get my sisters Sunshine, Regina and Emily and hug 'em real big. They were such a beautiful support for me then. They did all they could to help me live.

The Lord is so good to me.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Thursday, December 6, 2007

What have I done??!?

Okay, so, remember when both my kiddos broke their arms? Whew! It was indeed a rough time. And, during that time we really thought that we had found our dream home in Alabaster. So, that dream home not only had a fenced yard, but also a doggie fence pen thingie. So, we were honestly believing that Andrew would have a dog for his birthday. And, after the kid had surgery - ugh - he had such a tough time coming out of recovery that I'm pretty sure we told him he'd get a puppy for his birthday.

Well, we didn't get the home. No big deal, but there is no way we can have any animal in this house. No way.

We randomly have stray cats come lookin' for birds and chipmunks. I usually shoo them off or get paralyzed with fear that they will attack me. Seriously. It wiggs me out how they just stare me down.

Deano is great with all animals. His entire family fascinates me with there understanding of critters. Did I tell you that his sister found a deer on the side of the road. Put it in her car. Drove it to her home, and let it stay in her tub? I'm sure it was a fawn, but still! Someone reminded her that it was against the law or something.'s fascinating, eh?

We see this cat, and at first I'm ready to shoo it away. Then Deano comments on how thin she is. I never ever notice this stuff.

never ever.

Okay. He got me. I gave the cat some left over sandwich meat. Dean gives her milk.

And, at first the kitty just ran away when we came. Oh, and if she did let you near her, then she definitely wouldn't let you touch her.

Beano worked with her, and loved on the girl. She started warming up to us.

This cat has added so much joy to our family. And, I'm totally fascinated by her. I love to watch her scratch trees and spaz out with shoe laces. Don't get me started on the kiddos. She loves them!! They call for her, and she follows them wherever they go.


I have more stories, but I gotta stop now.

I am not a cat lover, but I really am enjoying this critter.

Come on! y'all should be proud of me!!

I'll post more pics soon....especially of my Gracie girl.

I dunno. I just feel like God answered our little prayer to get the kiddos a pet, ya know?

I'm such a mushy gushy.

seriously. I'm hoping she'll scare off any gross 'possums that come our way....