Monday, August 25, 2008

Spunky's 4 Today...

Yes, my little loverly girl is 4 years old today. She is full of life and her imagination keeps her in a different world. She loves the tickles that a roly poly provides. She love strawberries more than popsicles. She has a beautiful voice, and enjoys singing. I love her wild and messy curly hair. She's a fighter and a snuggler. It makes me shake my head that she loves being in the dirt, but must take a bath if she has ketchup on her tiny fingers. She still enjoys sitting on shoulders when I read a book. Her new favorite thing is to make up definitions for silly words.

I love my little Gracie girl.

I could go on and on, but she's wanting to make some cupcakes.

Chocolate cupcakes with pink icing.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Blog Candy?

I've been thinking about this for a while, but I'm just not great at the blog candy thing. I'm scared that I'll forget to send it, or that the receiver won't like what I give. I just get nervous about that kindof stuff. I stink at mailing stuff. My dear friend, Emily, is fabulous at sending stuff. Not me. But, I'm gonna offer some candy. Because, well, I just don't think any of you will meet the requirements to receive it.

Eek. It sounds like I'm dissin' y'all, doesn't it? I'm really not, but the questions I got are doozies, and I'm not even sure if I know all the answers myself.

So, I've been thinking about Ma Shirley lately. That's Deaner's momma. She lived with us for a few months after Katrina before she went to be with her Creator. She was feisty and at times drove me bonkers. I miss her a great deal, and we still laugh about her ways quite often. Anytime Dean starts acting up - all I gotta do is say, "Now, what would Ma be sayin' right now?" And, the answer is always that she'd be agreein' with me.

Anyhow, she had the craziest quotes. And, she said them just to shock me. Which, really isn't that difficult to do. She loved to see my reaction, and it made her cackle when I'd try to quote her.

Like, she'd say "crazier than a poophouse rat." Ummm...but she wouldn't say poop or dookie or shoo shoo. She'd say the *ahem* other word.

Please know that she was from rural Louisiana. She was a hard worker. She made homemade biscuits and yeast rolls every day. Her coffee was as thick as syrup, and she survived many difficult seasons in her life.

So, I'm gonna give you a few quotes. I want you to tell me what they mean If you get them ALL correct, then I'll send you some candy. Deano will be the judge to determine if your answer is correct.

The following are the quotes you must define and explain origin:

1. "Drillin' fer the holler horn"
2. "I've just got the dropsies

Ack! I just forgot the other ones!

Okay, those will hafta do for now.

I've got more, but I need Dean here to help me remember how to phrase them correctly.

Emily - you aren't allowed to answer! You're on my list!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Knock Knock!
Who's there?
Norma Lee.
Norma Lee who?
Normalee I don't go around knocking on doors, but do you want to buy a set of encyclopedias?



I woke up.

Played checkers with my kiddos. I thought the game would never end. I noticed that I'm not the best at being patient in this game. I wanna yell, "Wait! Don't put move there! It'll be an easy jump for me!!" Or, "Why are you moving there! You can jump me right now!!!" I mean, it's only his 2nd time playing.

Side note on my son. Last night at church the big kids were playing "keep the ball from the little kids." Yeah, sounds like an easy and fun game, right? So, after a few minutes Andrew says, "hey, I'm gonna take a rest, I'm tired of playing." When my friend told me this - I don't know, I was feeling a bit sorry for my kiddo. I was like, "awww, don't give up, buddy!" Well, then she tells me that he waits for the right moment, and fakes the big kids and grabs the ball when no one is looking!!!!!!!! Wha...? Where'd he learn that strategy? Then, they all continue to laugh and play. The big kids act all tough and big again (well, I wasn't there, but that's just what I imagine). My boy "falls down" and the big kids check on him. Then, he steals the ball again with a big grin on his face!!

Okay, please know that I did tell my son the importance of playing fair and being honest. I really did.

But, what am I suppose to do with this? Dean was proud of his strategic ways, but he still had my back with the being honest talk. Any other ideas or thoughts on what I can do to make this a "teachable moment" for my boy?

Okay, back to today. We did some school that wasn't too painful.

Soon for snack time we're gonna dip some gummy bears in melted chocolate. They're gonna love it!

Currently they are watching mindless television. Big bad momma jomma is about to stop that! No more of that Between the Lions for you, kiddos!

We're having breakfast for dinner tonight. I need milk and bread.

I need, errr want, some chocolate milk.

The end.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Knock. Knock.

Who's there?


Uganda who?

Uganda open the door?


We had grilled chicken salad tonight for dinner. It was yummy bummy in my tummy. I love a good salad. No lie. Oh, and I made homemade ranch dressing. Now, listen here - you can tell me that you don't like caramel because it's sticky, and I'm okay with that. Hey, you can even tell me you don't like boiled cabbage or strawberry milk. But, don't be a goof and try to tell me that you don't like homemade ranch dressing. Seriously. How can someone not like it? Yeah, just call me Hurley.

Anyhow, I love salad, but now I'm sittin' here hankerin' some carbs. I need a big bowl of mashed potatoes or something. Poor Deano is sitting over there eating a bowl of yogurt and scooters. I'm glad I'm not the only one needing some more food.

I think I'm gonna eat a bowl of cereal.

Maybe I'll have more bloggy energy after I eat some scooters or fruity dynobites.

I've got a great deal to blog about today. I do. I just am being distracted by my whimpering pooch and my crave for macaroni and cheese. Or potatoes. Or yeast rolls.

mmmm...yeast rolls.

Friday, August 1, 2008

I am gross.

So, I made some surprisingly yummy soup this week. Actually, it was Monday night. It was a complete accident. I boiled some potatoes. Then, I added chicken broth and heavy cream. It looked like bleah. I mean, it looked like potatoes in milk. So, I added a few slices of american cheese. Still looked like bleah. I chopped up some celery, and threw it in the pot. Double bleah. I added 1/3 bag of broccoli. Why does this still look gross? Ugh. Ah ha! I had some cream of something soups!! I put a can of cream of celery and a can of chicken (i took the gross chicken pieces out...buh-leah!). Meh, looking okay, but still not there. What else is in my kitchen that I could throw in? Hrmmm....tater tots? Why not?! I threw 1/2 bag of tater tots in there. I let it cook for a while (mushed up the tots as they got soft), and left for a girls night out. I got back and my lover had put it in the fridge. Ya know what that means? It means he liked it enough to have it for left overs. Okay, this was definitely not a soup that'll make your thighs thinner. In fact, I'm pretty sure my behind is jigglin' a little more than usual because of it. But, hey! I was resourceful and my babies daddy liked it!

So, here is where I get gross.

We had it for left overs Tuesday. It was delicious.

Ummm....we forgot to put it up that night. It stayed on the counter over night.

I'm gross, and I need to confess right now. I eat food that's been left out all night and the next day. Like, not all food. Just safe food. Like, I dunno. Spaghetti and roast are a definite. I mean, I know that I can be foolish and forget to put it up, but that stuff costs money! So, I take a nibble or two just for pleasure....secretly...the next day.

Oh. my. goodness.


Seriously, I took a BIG spoonful of that soup. Knowing that it'd be magnificent.

What a dumb bunny.

It tasted like old milk with a hint of celery flavoring.

Okay, my brain wasn't working. I know that wasn't the brightest thing I've done. I promise I usually only eat left out "safe" foods.

What was I thinking?

I wasn't.

I just wanted more potato soup.

My flesh was craving the yumminess.

It really was yummy.

Remember, kids, milk based products left out over night and possibly all morning and afternoon are a BIG no no.