Saturday, February 17, 2007

It's late and this is almost too silly.

Please let me introduce you to my silly son, Andrew. This was his hair-doo...hmmm..lemme think here....I reckon it was late December. His hair is cute and bushy in this picture. So, imagine 2 more months of bushiness and that was my son yesterday.

He got his haircut today.

It is short.

There will be a new pic of him soon, and possibly a story about him. Oh, and by the way - that is/was my daughter, Gracie, in the previous post screamin' her head off over *who knows what.* She's just like her momma. That's all I'm sayin.

Here's another embarrassingly easy recipe that I made Friday.

'Possum Fanny Cake

So, I'm all about buyin' a cake mix. Makin' the cake. Poking holes in the cake. Drizzling or drowning the cake with sweetened condensed milk and then putting some Cool Whip on top. It just works for me. And, the crowd loves it. Like, I'll get a white or yeller cake mix. Cook it according to what the great box tells me to do. Drizzle some o' dat sweet milk on top. Do the Cool Whip thing, and then sprinkle thawed out frozen coconut on top. The older folks LOVE this. Old people love coconut cake.


I did something a little different last night. Found a recipe in a cookbook that was similar but different.

I got a devil's food cake. Poked the holes when it was still hot...THEN I DRIZZLED IT WITH CARAMEL SAUCE that you'd usually put on ice cream.

I bought some Heathbars and pounded on 'em until they were crumbs. Mixed those crumbs with my Cool Whip.

And Whah Lah! I've got a yummy bummy cake for my peeps at church.

Back to the Opossum silliness.

So, animals really scare me. I don't trust 'em. I get all nervous and wigged out when any animal is near. I am fascinated by animals. I really love learning about them, but I just don't trust them. I could for real blog for hours about my issues with animals, but not tonight.

Just keep that in mind when I tell you the 'possum story, okay?

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

'Possum Tail Brownies

Having a day like she is?
Then you DEFINITELY need to read this blog, and make these brownies....

So, I made this awesome homemade brownie delight last week for my lover last week. They were amazing. Not only did they have all those ingredients that really make you feel like you've really made something...uh, homemade (like baking powder and cocoa), but they also had milkyways chopped up in 'em. They were amazing.

I needed to make a dessert for the Superbowl party. Didn't want to make 'em homemade again. Too much mess.

Here's the new recipe for y'all...

Alli's 'possum Tail Brownies
1 package of the cheapest Brownie mix (you're gonna need the ingredients that are on the package eggs and oil)

a bunch of milkyways or snickers

a milk chocolate candy bar (Dove, Hersheys, Godiva...whatever is in your budget, ya know?)

Okay, Mix the brownies, eggs, oil and whatever else the recipe on the box tells you to put in there.

Chop up some of those Milkyways or Snickers, and gently stir those loverly candies in there.

Put in a greased 9x13 (or whatever size dish the almighty package tells you to put it in).

Grate that Milk Chocolate candy bar, and sprinkle on top of the brownies in the pan.

Bake 'em on the setting that the package tells you to for as long as it tells you to.

Trust the brownie package. It knows what it is talking about.

I'm serious. These brownies are heaveness.

I mean, if you enjoy chocolate they are.

also, there will be a post....soon, informing you of my Opossum slaying occupation...i promise, Crystal! It's for you!!