Thursday, March 29, 2007

ways to say the "n" word

no way.
sorry, can't do that.
i'd love to, but - no.
lemme talk to my husband about that.
uh, probably not.
i just gotta say no.
that sound a terrific opportunity-ministry-fun time-great idea...i really hate to, but i just gotta
no way, hosea!
i stink at that kindof thing. you really want me to say no.
no, but you know who'd be great at that? why don't you give "so and so" a call?

i asked dean.

these are his favorite ways to say no:

i ain't gonna do it.
do it yourself.
probably not.
not gonna happen.
sounds great. lemme know when you're done.

the following aren't ways to say no, but just make me laugh.

person: you busy?
dean: depends on what you're asking.

person: can i ask you to do something?
dean: do i have a choice?

how do you say no? please. give me some tips or pointers. i stink at it.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

dumb bunny

How in the world do I put my friend's links on my page?


...feelin' like a dork over here...

I've spent like 3o minutes trying to figure it out.


I agree with Graced. This was fun!