Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Best Part of My Day

So, the reunion was, as I expected, a huge success. I have so many stories to tell, and every time I think about the day I smile. The day was beautiful, the food was scrumptious, and my relatives are super cool. Indeed it was a sweet day.

Oh, and there are a gazillion pictures that I want to share, and hopefully soon I will have the energy to tell stories about all my kinfolk.

But, I don't know. Right now I just wanna talk about my daddy. I know I've told you this before, but gah! My dad is wonderful.

The picture I posted is of my daddy rinsing off my daughters muddy feet. And, I guess it's no big deal that he washed my Gracie girl's feet. Anyone would gladly do it. She is delightful. She giggled and he let her drink from the water hose. I've got some pics of the moment. He just did it with a smile.

No big deal, right? I mean, we all can imagine a good granddad doing that. It's what they do, and what they think is precious.

Here's the kicker.

Mommy's feet were nastier than little girl's feet. Mud was caked all over my preggo feet. Okay, and I have gross feet. I mean, when I was younger I had cute feet, but now - yikes! They are embarrassing. I didn't get to paint my toenails before we left. I keep my feet bare year long (well, almost all year). So, my heels are all cracked and my toes have a bit of hair on them. I mean, not much, but enough to make me self conscious.

Anyways, I ask my dad to keep the hose running so I could wash my dirty feet.

He washed my feet.

Okay, not just poured water on them, but he bent down and scrubbed the caked mud off of my heels and feet.

I continued to say, "no, really, Dad - my feet are gross! Stop! I'll do it!" He just kept on doing it as I stood there - apologizing for my filth.

He continued to say, "hush, Allison, it's just mud. Let me wash it off for you. It'll be easier if you let me do it for you."

I let him do it. My strong coal miner daddy washed my cracked and ugly feet.

I don't know what the point of this post is.

I'm just thankful, and I wanted someone to hear about my favorite part of the day.

Friday, July 18, 2008


I ate chinese two times today. I ate it for lunch and dinner. Ahhh, it was exactly what I needed. Egg Rolls. I love them. I dunno what it is about them. Maybe it's the crunch/chew thing they've got going on? Who knows? But, man! They are yummy!

It is 10:15pm right now. I'm about to start cooking. We are having a family reunion tomorrow. It's gonna be wonderfully fun. We haven't had a family gathering like this since, eh, 1994 or so.

However, I am a bit nervous. We are to bring an appetizer, side dish and dessert. Okay, I'm more than nervous. I'm about to ralph. These folks are known for their culinary abilities. I'm known for being silly and sweet.

I just decided 1 1/2 hours ago what I was going to make as my side dish. Well, really my darling hubby decided for me. I'm about to shuck some corn. I should wake up my yahoos and make them shuck the corn. I could put it in their homeschool folder. Learning about corn and silk and shucking. I think it's a jolly good idea.

Deano wants a motorcycle so bad. He's always wanted one. I've always said, "umm. no." Well, gas prices are killin' us. So, I finally said what I should've said years ago, "yes, dear." I mean, no lie, the guy would look hawt on a motorcycle all leathered up and stuff. I'm just saying. They just intimidate the whatever outta me.

I really want my toenails painted by tomorrow too. I need to shuck 16 ears of corn, and I'm sitting here telling all 4 of you that read my blog about my toes.

What else?

I scared my buddy boy when he was taking a bath tonight. He screamed and said "mom, you startled me!" I'm not sure why I think that's so cute, but I do.

I really don't wanna cook.

Really. I don't.

I wish I had someone to come and cook with me right now.

Maybe I can get my sweet lover to help me shuck this corn and chop this cilantro.

I've got you wondering what I'm cooking, eh?

Sounds like I've got some doozy recipes, don't I?

ya wanna know what I'm bringin'? I'll tell you, then I REALLY need to go.


Appetizer: homemade salsa (recipe from jeremy's wife, Regina)
Side dish: fresh corn casserole (recipe from the pioneer woman)
Dessert: homemade chocolate chip cookies (recipe from...I dunno)

It's gonna be a laaaaaaate night.


Did I tell you we finished Swiss Family Robinson?


okay. okay. I'm going.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


My kitchen stinks. again.
I forgot to put the bed sheets in the dryer from yesterday. I must rewash the sheets. again.
I sat in cranberry juice. I've had a sticky hiney most of the day. I just took a shower. again.
We played with the dawgs.

I've read 4 chapters of Swiss Family Robinson to my boy. He loves it. That makes me happy, but I'm tired of reading out loud. There was a part where they cut off the head of turtle, ate the meat for dinner and made the shell into a clothes washing tub. He almost cried. I smiled, and said, "Buddy, they're being practical and making use of what God has given them to use." He looked up and said, "but the poor tortoise!" Maybe this book is a bit too much for him. He sure does love it though.

My girl is finally into playing dolls. It is fun. I always end up being the stinky boy. It really is cute. We have a doll that is old and weird looking. Her name is Mrs. Linkey and she is Barbie's mom. She likes it when I make Mrs. Linkey shake her bottom and dance. She also likes it when I try to shake Ken's (ahem, who is naked - don't forget!) bottom. Because, well, it is impossible to shake a Ken doll's bottom.

I have no idea what to cook for dinner. No idea. Please, let my lover suggest that we get Chinese from that place right next to the BP station. Oh, to have some fried rice right now. Mmmm...fried rice....! MSG! Yum! Two cheers for MSG! Yeah, that's the good stuff.

What else?

I'm stoked about going to church. Seriously. We are studying Tozer's book. Ugh. Which book is it? I feel like a dork. What is it? The Pursuit of God. It's a smaller church, eh, about 100 or so, but on Wednesdays we have a smaller group than that. We pass out Hymnals, and sit around the tables in the fellowship room. I really don't know if that's what it is, but that's what I'm calling it for now. So, Nathan (el pastor) let's us requests songs, and....duh...we sing 'em. Now, it kindof sounds a bit awkward, doesn't it? But, we've got some folks in that group that sing lovely, and sing in parts! I absolutely love it! Now, don't get me wrong, I love our Sunday music too. I ache for us to at least get a conga drum. Is it a conga drum? You know the drum you hit with your hands? Anyways, I love our sweet music team and the song selections. But, this - Wednesdays - are just tender and encouraging.

Yeah, I look forward to tonight.

But, I need to reread the 1st chapter in that book.

My daughter is sitting on my shoulders as I type. again.

Now she's telling me she's hungry.

Andrew is telling me to read the chapter again.

Gracie just said "no, play dolls!"

I think I'm gonna crawl into my bed.

chinese, dean. think chinese. please read my blog and buy lots of MSG, I mean, egg rolls.

Sorry for any grammatical or spelling errors.

I'm not editing!!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

I have never cried so much during a pregnancy as I have this pregnancy. Seriously, some days I feel like I could cry anyone a river at any given moment. It just happens. Often it is over silly stuff. One day I was cooking dinner, and my kitchen sink looked so gross that I imagined all sorts of diseases that could be living in there. I found myself boo hoo-ing over it, and ran to my bedroom. Deaner came in and asked what was wrong. I went from crying about failing as a mom to imaging Dean remarrying someone after I died of this diseased sink, and the woman he remarried making fun of me for being a slob. Listen, if I die, and you marry my hottie hubby. PLEASE don't make fun of me. I mean, I'll be with Jesus. So, I really won't care, but just don't do it.

Sometimes it is over totally legit stuff. Like, that weepy feeling you get when you don't feel good. I think that is totally legit. I have wept over my sins and the sins of others that I love. I have felt the tears pour down my cheeks over fear and anger during this pregnancy. No lie, I'm not a big crier, but I have been a big ol' sad mess this pregnancy. In all seriousness, I even talked to my doctor about it.

But, alas - every once in while the Lord makes me cry my favorite kind of cry. The one when I realize He is in control. That, He loves me. He doesn't need me, but He loves me. And, even if my greatest nightmare happens, then He will give me the grace to deal with it.

A friend sent me this video, and woo! I've watched it a few times.

And, I boo hoo every time I watch it.

I figure if I'm gonna boo hoo, then my readers should too.

I'm just nice like that.

Here's the video!