Friday, March 28, 2008

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

It's -G's Birthday Week!!!!!!!!!

(-G teaching the kiddos how to play leap frog on Leap Day. She's so clevuh!)

(Freeze Tag...Gracie gotcha!)

(Red Rover, Red Rover, send 'kenzie right over! Umm...ya like that '80's side
pony tail she's got goin' on? We (-g and me) are 8 leap years old. Soooo, we
had an day celebrating what we did when we were....errr...8 years old.)


This is her birthday week. She is the one who introduced me to this fabulous concept. I'm thinking that we should have a week long birthday blog love for the girl. My thought is for us to post little memories, sweet verses, love you messages all over her bloggy blog.

I do know that she will LOVE all the attention we give her. Okay, not really. She might punch me in the face for even reminding folks of her day/week.

So, go to her blog and show the love.....all week long....

This sounds like I'm being bossy.

Oh, and for you folks who don't know her....i guess you're excused. i guess.

AND.....I posted 2.5 week old pics of the pups on this blog.

Monday, March 3, 2008

windy days

Today was gorgeous with a bit of fun wind. So, what do you do on windy days? Fly kites!

What? You don't have a kite? Huh? It's not really in your budget? Did I hear you say that you aren't crafty enough to make one? Welcome to my world.

Oh, but it can be a fun world, my sweet peeps. Just get out some yarn or string and grab a few Walmart bags. Whah Lah! you've got kites!!

Seriously, we did this last fall with the kiddos. I really thought they weren't impressed with it. Today, they asked for the stringy-walmart bag kites!

And, they played with these bags for well over an hour. It was tons o' fun.

woo hoo for plastic bags that are horrible for the planet!!