Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I'm back...not sure for how long...but, at least for today..I'm sayin' I'm back!

Oooo...my feet are so cold right now. I know. I should totally go get my socks on or at least walk less than 10 feet to get a blanket, right? WRONG! If I go get that blanket or those cozy socks, then I'll hafta pick up the kid's clothes on the floor and get me somethin' to drink. Ya know what that'd mean, my loyal peeps? That'd mean that there'd be no blog. I gotta blog.

Not sure what to blog about, but I just gotta do it.

Many things have changed since I last blogged on this site. Like, I totally have new glasses. And, I love them. Even my mom who HATES glasses thinks that these are stylish. She still doesn't like 'em, but she at least admits they are stylish. I think I resemble Cat Woman. Or a scary school cafeteria lady from the 1950s. Depends on the day. I mean, when I wear my hair net...I totally look like I belong in a lunchroom.

Also, I turned 30!! I'm not sure if any of you wigged out over being 3-0, but I was a bit nervous about it. I just believe that 3o was this age of boringishness and responsibility. I'm just not down with that, friends. Nope. I like to run away from those words. I mean, run fast. fast! But, my day came, and my sweet lover of a husband threw me an amazing party. It was more than amazing it was perfect. And, I gotta say...I'm likin' this age. It's been my favorite number. It hasn't been a month, but my stars! It's been a good month!

There's more stuff that's changed, but I don't wanna bore you with the details. Because, I'm 3o now and I'm determined not to bore the ones I love.


I'm having tons o' fun trying to figure out this homeschooling stuff. I mean, I stress out and beat myself up at times, but I'm totally diggin' it. Andrew is 4 (soon to be 5!) and Gracie girl turned 3 in August. So, right now we're just having fun. I love learning with them. I mean, did you know that a beaver makes a loud BAM sound with its tail in the water to warn the beaver family that danger is near? Okay, everyone knows that one. I'll think of one in a sec that you guys didn't know. Just wait.

Okay, I'm listening to this bluegrass station on my computer, and this song "Joleen" is playing. I don't remember the last time I heard this song, but I know it's been ages. I just know that I always sing it when my friend Carol talks about her friend in Florida Charlene. I sing Charlene instead of Joleen. It makes me laugh. Hey sunshine Carol! If you're reading this, then CALL ME and buy me CHOCOLATE RIGHT NOW!!!!


Does everyone know that I'm a coalminer's daughter?

My dad has worked in the mines as an electrician for...umm...forever. Yes, you can sing that song to me next time you see me.

I just recently have obtained this obsession for diamonds. I mean, if you know me at all you know that I'm not the jewelry wearing kind of girl. I'm not flashy, and I'm not really in need of sparkly things on me. Well, I do think I'd like sparkly body glitter, but I'm too thrifty to spend even a dollar on it.

It's weird. I was spending some time in prayer. And, in a quiet moment I saw this picture of a diamond. A diamond? I mean, seriously? A diamond? Sounds whack to me. I totally believe Christ is the diamond and I'm the greyish blobber blob.

I mean, I always picture me kindof blobbish. No real form. No real detail or sharpness. I don't know if any of you have a secret hidden ugly picture of yourself. But, that is my picture. And, I love that the mighty, strong and amazing Creator of all beautiful things would love this blob of a blob.

Never would I ever think of myself as a diamond of worth though.

It's a Biblical way of thinking though. I think. My great deeds are as filthy rags, yet He sees my clean and blameless. Like other bloggers have said...He sees Christ in me...

I just don't quite get it. I can't fully wrap my self-centered brain around this thought.

Rereading this blog is so difficult. It seems so basic, eh?

You know what I learned about diamonds? Again, something EVERYONE knows. They can only be sharpened by another diamond.

He is so lovely. So strong. And, I'm so stinking needy and desperate for a change in the way I think.

I love the thought of His truth washing the dirt off this jewel.

I'm not really sure I have explained this correctly.

It's kindof like that new white robe thought. I keep thinking "but I'm gross!!!"

Oh, Precious is the flow that makes me white as snow!

It's a thought that delights me, but I just don't quite get it.

As always - thoughts, quotes and Scripture are always always appreciated and needed.

Oh, and ya gotta just gotta scroll down this page and check out the pick on the very bottom of the page! It's gorgeous! You're gonna love it!