Wednesday, May 28, 2008

we went to LA, and look who we found!

We just got back from Dean's stompin' ground in west Louisianna. This was the busiest trip we have ever had. It was great, and I met many of his peeps. But, dude, it was busy. No lie. I love me some people, and I especially love people who love my Deaner. But, even this little social butterfly is peopled out. Woo. I'm ready to enter hermitville. I dunno where that is, but I got a hankerin' to go there.

Anyway, we bumped into a gazillion people.

Deano's great Aunt Ethel was honored at Camp Pearl. She's worked there for 60 years, and I'm crazy about her. They gave her a great honor by naming the new chapel after her. So, we bumped into a few folks at that cool event.

So, the kids in the pics are Jude Bell, Maddie and Coleman LaStrapes and of course my quirky kiddos.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

my kids.


So, last night the 4 of us are having some good ol' snuggle time before we send the kiddos to bed. I get this silly idea to use my hand as a puppet. I mean, I didn't paste any googly eyes on my hand. Nah, didn't even put a sock on it or draw lips with a marker on my hand. It was just my hand. Well, I named the right hand "miss hand" and the left hand "frankie." It was good and fun. I was on a roll, and the kiddos were LOVING it. I love it when my kids love something I do.

Anyway, my daughter is CRAZY about my hands. She woke up this morning asking to talk to Miss Hand. And, just a few minutes ago my left hand put her hair behind her ear real sweetly. She smiled and said, "thanks, Frankie." When we cooked eggs together today - she continued to talk to Miss Hand about stirring and adding salt. My hands ain't get a break. Andrew loves 'em too.

It seems like there is a show on the preschool channel where there are just hands talking. Oobie or something?

Anyway, these Oobies need a break.

As I was typing paragraph 2 I my girl asked "silly miss hand, why are you playing on mommy's computer?" Yup, I'm a puppet. So, my hand raised in response to her.

What does this say about me and my kids?


don't answer that.

Hope y'all are having a sweet day.