Friday, January 16, 2009

A good night's sleep, a good night's sleep is what I long for - A good night's sleep is what I need.

(*sung to tune of that contemporary praise song "Holiness")

So, my clever and snarky sister put it in my head back in 1996. It was a popular song in church, and really quite catchy. We were sitting in her red Grand Prix, and she starts singing "a blue dress, a blue dress is what I long for, a blue dress is what I nee ee eed. A blue dress is what I want from you." And, since that day in her snazzy red car - I can't stop doing. No lie. I'll be in the store singing to my self, "a loaf of bread, a loaf of bread is what I long for. A loaf a bread is what I neeeed." If I'm craving a sweetsy, then I'll sing in my head "a big brownie, a big brownie is what I long for..." If I'm having one of "those" days, then I might humm "a lot of liquor, a lot of liquor is what I..." Yeah, ya get it? Oh, and if anyone says anything that may even rhyme or just end in "iness" then I gotta do it. It's like a disease, and I want to spread my germs to you, dearest reader.

The thing is, I'm not telling you this to be funny or to make you laugh. Nah, I'm telling you because I want you to have my sickness. I hope, in my twisted way of thinking, that you start doing it too. I hope that next time your kids holler, "Hey, I need some t.p. in here" that you'll sing in your "toilet paper, toilet paper is what I long for..." It really is fun.

But, the kicker is that coming up with a clever verse is quite challenging. Good luck with that part.

By the way, snarky is one of my new and favorite words. Thank you cute and clever JVines! And, it really is a word! I thought she was just being funny, but it really is a word. I mean, she was being funny, but I thought she just made it up. ddddork. me. not her. I'm the dddork - not the Vines girl.

Anyway(s), I really do need some sleep. I'm getting sleep, but it's usually a bit more interrupted than usual.

It ain't pretty. It ain't pretty at all.

Allison with no sleep is forgetful, awkward, grumpy, snarky, tookie, paranoid, indifferent, twitchy, angry, eye rolling-ish, and other stuff that I can't think of right now. Because, well, I'm forgetful.

My newborn is a wonderful and super sweet girl, and when I'm up with her in the middle of the night - I really am happy with her. She is smiley and sweet. She laughs at my jokes. I love the kid.

Well, sometimes I fall asleep with her in my arms at 3am-ish. The bottle has fallen out of her mouth, and I wake up to her saying "weh" pretty loudly. Or - the bottle falls outta her mouth, and we both end up drenched from the formula all over both of us. Gotta love 3am in the morning.

She's getting there, though. She's almost ready to sleep through the night. And, really she's done it a few times already. She's a good baby.

I also enjoy cleaning less when I'm sleepy. I didn't think my desire to clean could be any less, but it is.

Also, I'm thinking that I don't care when folks see my home messy when I'm sleepy.

A tv man (very very long story) came by Friday. He asked if he could just go through the kitchen back door to get some stuff from his kitchen. I said, "sure, just close your eyes!" What a goob! And, when I heard him come back in I hollered "keep your eyes closed, Phil!"

No, I don't know Phil. And, I'm kindof thinking that's really not his name. I really need 3 nights in a row of good sleep soon.

I really did do this. Ask Kristi or Regina. They were here or there.

Gosh, what if that's not his name?

Anyways, if I've been unusually strange and mean towards you, then know that I'm sorry. Even though I honestly don't remember what I said.

I promise I'll post more on my pretty baby girl soon.

*i really don't drink lots of liquor. i don't allow my kids to holler from the bathroom. i'm not paranoid, really. i am certain the guy's name was phillip.


care-in said...

Oh do need some sleep! You crack me up. Xavier gets tunes stuck in his head and then he and Elliya change the words. They'd love your little song.

Abbey said...

DOn't even get me started on that song! Haaaa! I do the exact same thing. Let's see... "with the kids... "Obedience, Silence, Lovliness" (they're rolling their eyes at this point)
With the hubs... "Obedience, silence" Oh wait, that's the kids... I mean, "sexiness, manliness, date-night-ness" you know, whatever he can make happen! ;) THat's hilarious, girl! I sing this with everything!

Jennifer said...

snarky? what in the world? you must have me confused with someone else..."hummus dip, hummus dip, is what i long for..."

Rachel Garcia said...

Oh im just so glad to see a new post on your blog.. i've stalked for a while and NADA. Oh the joy! I love your humor my young padiwan. (i have no idea why i said that). anyhoo.. waiting for a night to open up that we can do girl night over something yummy on the table.. somewhere.. with littles at home. ;-)

Anonymous said...

You. I. Love. You. I. Miss. And I'm not even sad you started talking to me on facebook and then had to run away. I understand. I just want to make sure you know that. I love you. Even though we are far apart and it's been several eternities since we've spoken, I love you. And my own personal -iness song goes something like "Crochet, crochet is what I long for..." ha ha ha. Did I mention I love you?

Melissa said...

Hey, if you get some sleep, pass it over here! My three year old still doesn't always sleep all night, and my five month old surely doesn't!

Melissa said...

Oh and yes, snarky is an excellent word, and lack of sleep definitely makes me exhibit the definition of said word.

Anonymous said...

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